Monday, November 16, 2015

A conversation between persons at a peculiar place at a particular time

A conversation between persons at a peculiar place at a particular time
“Erm, hey.”
“What are you doing?”
“Er, nothing?”
“Nothing. You’re sitting on a ledge of a twenty storey building.”
“Well… I just wanted to er, see the night sky.”
“Very funny. What else is new?”
“Hey, you know I don’t sit on a ledge all the time…right?”
“Yeah, yeah. Same thing you tell me every day.”
“You can, erm, see the street below from here too.”
“Always coming up with excuses, I see.”
“A-am not!”
“Is too!”
“Am not!”
“Is—ah forget it.”
“Erm, how’s the wife?”
“Oh, she’s fine. Same old, same old. It’s not like she’d catch me up here, talking to you while you sit on that ledge.”
“Come on, it’s really nice here. Why don’t you join me?”
“Oh well. Beats standing here behind you anyway.”
“You know what bothers me?”
“See that apartment in that building over there? The one with the lights still on?”
“…Yeah, why?”
“I don’t like it. I don’t like that apartment.”
“Er, why?”
“I just don’t like it. No reason whatsoever.”
“…That’s your apartment...isn’t it?”
“What makes you say that?”
“You do stay over there in that building over there. And erm, so do I.”
“Well, then, what makes you think it isn’t your apartment?”
“It’s, erm, definitely not mine.”
“You hate your apartment.”
“No, I d-don’t. What makes you say that?”
“Why aren’t you sitting over there on that building then?”
“Because it’s… nicer here?”
“Hrmph. I don’t see the difference.”
“There is a difference alright. It’s more…more…”
“It’s nicer to sit on.”
“Hmm… Yeah, I guess so.”
“Look. I just want to talk about that night, three weeks ago.”
“…What night?”
“Come on, you know which night. That night when the argument happened.”
“That night when your daughter—“
“D-don’t say it. Please.”
“Look. It wasn’t anyone’s fault.”
“Oh yes, it was. It was m-my fault. I should have…should have…”
“Stopped fighting?”
“Yes…but you know I just wanted what was…best for her.”
“Hrmph. Children. They never quite understand do they?”
“N-no. It wasn’t her fault. It was mine…”
“Ok. Let me tell you something about that night. She was wrong. She should have listened to you. She—“
“S-stop. Y-you…you don’t understand. You—“
She shouldn’t have left the house like that. She shou---“
 “S-stop. Stop.”
She shouldn’t have ran out onto the road like that. She—“
 “S-she’s…dead now. There’s…there’s no changing that.”
“Hey, at least you’re still here. Learn to live with it. Learn to move on.”
“I… I still s-see it. T-the car wreck below, d-down there. I…her body… b-blood…”
“I saw it too. I was there, you know.”
“Then how? How do you l-live with this…t-this…”
“As you said, there’s no going back. She’s gone. Your wife – she’s still here. She needs you, right now. Don’t make things any worse for her.”
“Y-you’re right. I s-shouldn’t…”
“Nice night to be out, eh?”


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