Monday, May 11, 2015

Poetry - Sense


Through the dark ages of greeting tastes,
Of staying hate and stanch represses,
The least is bitten off madmen bled,
Through tired eyes and fermented mead.
If eyes could see the darkened face,
If flies the history could erase,
If humans could come and go as dust,
If jokes are meant to history last,
The proportion of time and space forgo,
The flexing of grapes and fame halls show,
Full breezes of gas and blue-tinged frames,
Can cover and unshow all sin and shame.

Sing, sing canary for time is short,
If only the nose good news should report.
Make true and false at all the same,
Fling flung the flang and flong the blame.
No butter and free will can truly last,
For ghosts of time wert portions crust.
Move over, through edge the blast of grime,
House my dear and full yonder the blessed shrine.
Kill kill and great the slaughter be,
Of brains and potties and headless trees.

Van Vike few words were spoken true,
 Blood-tinged and great the utter due.
The wages of pike were ne'er the plague,
Black spots grew bigger and dire the stake.
The siren fool grant the mortal be,
Wreck ships and bombs grow on a tree.
Free matrons and foxes run round the hill,
The toucan, the grounded glorious bill.
Greet me, O maiden with voice so sweet
Make me wean and weep gently into that heap.
Jump down the moon and flee the sun
Hope’s banished and gone, the play-mates all run.

If only I knew how end would come,
If only the fridge could auld lang sun,
If only we reach beyond the sky,
If only without drugs we can be high,
I hope and wish you’d be able see,
I’m as sensible and lucid as anyone can be.

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