Thursday, May 14, 2015

Poetry - Reality(s)

I am sitting at a table.
He is sitting at a table.
She is sitting at a table.
They are sitting at a table.
We are sitting at the same table.

We are in the same spot.

I am they.
They are I.

We are one and the same yet
Not the same.

Who are they am I they am I?
Or am I who I am
 Not who they are though
 I really really
Want to be them?

Look at him.
Athletic, active,
He has friends-
Brothers whom he can count on
Through thick and thin.
See how he soars through life like the eagle
He was born to be.

Look at her.
See how she aces her exams.
How she saunters through life
Like the sunshine she is,
Surrounded by friends and BFFs whom she’d share
Even her darkest secrets with.

Look at you. Look at you.

What have you done?
What are you?
What have you accomplished?
What do you have?

Listen to me. Listen to me.

He and she are not you.
You are you are who you are. You can
Never be he or she for he and she can never be you
Though they are you and you are they.

But I want to be them.
Would they want to be me?
Would I allow them
To be me?
Can they be me,
can I be them?


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