Monday, May 18, 2015

Poetry - I remember (my dreams)

I remember (my dreams)
I remember being in the middle of the hurricane. The wind was roaring and swirling around me. In front of me, I see my mother in the midst of the hurricane. I shout out to her, but my voice is drowned out by the loud wind.
I remember being in a lush green valley, looking from afar as a hurricane comes around the corner. From a safe distance, I watch as the hurricane passes through the valley, the grass around me strangely undisturbed.
I remember coming face to face with the Power Rangers in their Command Center. I stared at them even as they stared back at me, a curious look on their faces.

I remember walking along a bright red mars-like plain which a line of people. Rafiki the baboon is looking from the side. He eventually ends up at the back of the top shelf of my toy cabinet, sitting cross-legged over his shelf-kingdom.

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