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(Prose) - Some Indiana Jones-like story? (CAP Mentorship 2008 Portfolio)

Untitled (there wasn't a title when I opened this, lol)  

       The Sun was a huge mass of boiling gases, sending its solar rays down to Earth, penetrating through the thick, lush and overgrown canopy of the Amazon rainforest as thin, straight beams of yellowish light. Its heat barbequed the dried grass on the ground, resulting in a major heat wave which could have caused a drought.

            Undaunted by this fact, Harland, my fellow archaeologist and I hacked our way through the tough and rugged terrain that made up the rainforest. We were searching for treasure: a rare priceless crystal skull that was rumoured to be cursed by an ancient emperor.  It was said that who ever processes the skull would die in their comrade’s hands. That very same emperor had hidden the cursed treasure in a cave deep in the Amazon rainforest in order to protect it from his greedy advisors. For centuries, many people had tried to find this treasure but to no avail, some even losing their precious lives in the process. We have, however, a clue that we received from an artefact retrieved near the Caribbean Sea. It was a part of a map that probably showed the way to the cave that sheltered the priceless treasure from rain and shine.


            After six long hours of back-breaking work through the forest, we finally came to
a mangrove swamp. The air-roots of the mangroves peeked out from under the water, revealing their pointed ends. Dozens of logs floated harmlessly around in the dark, muddy waters, or was something amiss? As if he was reading my mind, Harland threw a palm sized rock into the swamp. Without warning, a seemingly harmless log darted at lighting speed after it, revealing a set of yellowish, razor sharp teeth. Crocodiles! Instinctively, I took out my rifle, ready to shoot, but Harland stopped me. He tugged a bag of fish from his backpack and flung it to the crocodiles on the shore. The bait worked like a charm and all the crocodiles, including those in the water, swam frantically to shore to have their share of the fish. Seizing our chance, Harland and I waded cautiously through the waist-deep water.


            Not long after, we reached an opening, and the sunlight finally caught up with us. In the middle of the opening, a large ancient temple loomed over us, casting a great shadow. The temple had already rotted in time, leaving only its contents to tell us its history. Powered by renewed strength, Harland and I climbed the stairs to the temple, where the skull awaited patiently for us.

            As I entered the temple, a strong aura of death made me shiver. In front of Harland and I lay a long dark passageway, where uncountable numbers of skeletons have made themselves comfortable leaning against the walls. Hurriedly pushing the thought of death away from my head, I picked up a nearby skull and threw it towards the end of the faraway corridor. Immediately, hundreds of traps sprung from their deadly hole and found their place on the skull. The massacred skull then fell to the floor and skidded to the unseen end of the passageway. Harland and I stared at the arrow-filled passageway and gaped.
After an hour of thoughtful thinking, we still could not come up with a solution to outrun the traps. Then with a look of impatience, Harland stood up and unexpectedly ran towards the passageway. Instantly, traps sprung and arrows let fly at their moving target. Before I could even say “watch out!” the floor beneath Harland gave way and he trembled into the darkness beyond.

I screamed. The helplessness of seeing a close friend die was not something I experienced everyday. My broken heart cried out loudly as I remembered the times of friendship I had with Harland. Wiping away my tears, I wearily picked myself up and walked towards my doom.


As I walked into the passageway, I closed my eyes and prepared for the impact of a thousand arrows, but it did not came. I opened my eyes cautiously and saw that the traps had not been activated! Realising that Harland had sacrificed his life so that I could get the crystal; I quietly thank him in my heart, and happily raced towards the end of the passageway.


Finally, as I entered the chamber at the end of the passageway, I basked in purple light. There propped in the hands of a statue, was the crystal skull! As I took hold of the crystal skull, I was astonished by how light it was. Then, a cold wave of fear swept over me there was a loud noise and I felt a pang of sharp pain in my chest. I clutched my chest and immediately withdraw my hand: there was blood. From the shadows beyond the statue, a smirking figure with a smoking gun arose. Harland! He kicked my dying body aside as he approached the skull and laughed menacingly. At that moment, I painfully realised that he had betrayed me. Then, with a cry of vengeance, I took out my rifle and pulled the trigger…

My Reflection

I had first written this in secondary one during a test.  This was inspired by “Indiana Jones” novel and so I decided to make it into an exciting adventure in a realistic environment. 

My main purpose of writing this is to tell the reader that worldly desires can even turn a man against his best friend.  Greed was what caused the downfall of kingdoms and nations and even creates distrust. I really wish that people do not betray people’s trust in them for their worldly desires and dreams.

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