Wednesday, May 7, 2014

(Prose) - A Bad Day (CAP Mentorship 2008 Portfolio)

A Bad Day
            The night was old. All was silent except for a few rogues’ crickets which signalled the end of the night with their lively repetitive call.  Suddenly, with a single cry, the glimpse of a simmering, orange semicircle appeared over the horizon.

            In a small quiet town, a glass door clanked open and a bald, middle-aged walked out of the shop with a cup of coffee and a newspaper tucked under his arm.  He gave a lazy yawn and hobbled to his car.  He immediately perked up upon seeing a piece of paper tucked under its windscreen.  He placed his coffee on the top of his car and took a look at the parking ticket.  Then mumbling to himself about the way the traffic police worked, he crumbled the parking ticket into a small tight ball and threw it onto the floor.  He got into the car and had just stepped onto the gas pedal when he remembered his cup of coffee.  He swore as a long, brown rail appeared on his side window.

            Parking his car in his wooden garage, the man opened the door to his house and walked in.  He went to the hall and sat on a chair which promptly broke under his weight.  The man swore again as he rubbed a sprained ankle and reminded himself to buy a new chair.  Selecting a firmer chair, the man sat down to read his newspaper.  Now long after, a loud whirring sound was heard next door.  He moaned and went to a window.  Opening it, the man shouted to his neighbour to keep the volume down but to no avail.  The whirring continued and closing his window, the man returned to his seat and tried to read his newspaper.  He gave up after trying for five minutes.  Just then, the whirring was replaced by a loud thump and some swearing next door.  The man rushed outside to see what had happened and he briefly cursed his neighbour.  A large pine tree had fallen, breaking his fence and crushing his garage into an unrecognisable shape.  The man then grumbled about not getting car insurance earlier.  He went into his house and called the firemen.

Evening had soon arrived and after along hard busy day, the man decided to take a jog at the park.  He picked up his hat and his glasses and started to walk to the door.  Outside, it had just begun to rain.

My Reflection

I wanted to write a story about normal life, as although life might be boring, there might be some humorous episodes that others would find funny about.

Every one of us have at least experienced a bad day in our lives. I decided not to give the poor man, in the story, a name as I wanted to make him into a typical normal man which any of us might have experienced as he did.

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