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(Prose) - Ants (CAP Mentorship 2008 Portfolio)

 Ants (This one wasn't titled, but I'll just give it one)

No one, animal or man, knows exactly about the life of an ant. They think of them as filthy pests, rodents that raid kitchens. However, they do not know that nature created us for an ultimate purpose: the balance of nature.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Anatroith and I am an ant. I had just come out of my pupa a few hours ago and was amazed by the changes around the ant nest.  Now bigger, the nest had more ants scurrying to bring food to the Queen. The Queen’s name was Wenae, and her wise decisions had built our colony into a huge metropolis. Several more young ants gaped as they saw the changes to our colony.

“Hey Anatroith!” a shout pierced into my train of thoughts, breaking it.

A cheery, cherry-coloured ant came forward to greet me with a bear hug. His name was Reketh, which meant ‘brave’ in Antian. He was my best friend ever since we were just larvae. Our antennas met and we began a happy reunion. 

“Hey, the nest is busier than ever!” he exclaimed.

“Yes,” I answered, “it seems that Queen Wenae has been busy.”

A deep, coarse rumbling of a throat interrupted our excited voices. Turning our heads, we came face to face with Onuwe. Onuwe, who used to be strong and young guard ant, have now aged a lot. He had a face full of wrinkles and scars that showed his fierce battles when we were still in deep slumber. With a wave of a hand, he led us to a room where all the other young ants have already gathered excitedly.

   Onuwe silenced them and started to explain, “Younglings, you have grown a great deal since we last met. The road onwards from here would be much tougher and rougher than any of you have experienced before in your short lives. That is why you must persevere, be strong and remain a balance in nature. This is the purpose and sole duty of an ant.”
Onuwe halted his speech to stare at a group of inattentive ants, “I will now tell you the vital roles you will play in keeping this colony alive. They are: the worker ant, the guard ant and the nurse ant. Do not look down on any of these roles as without one of them, the whole colony cannot function and will fall.”

Elder Onuwe’s words sparked a fire in my heart. How wonderful it was to play a vital role in the colony! A wave of excited whispers burst out from all the young ants. Suddenly, a horn blasted through the air, signalling danger. Then with a crash, a long pink tentacle pierced through the roof of the ant nest, sending a rain of debris onto some unfortunate worker ants far below. A ravenous anteater was out for lunch and has finally received its starter!

What was orderly and peaceful became a moment of chaos and panic as the long pink tongue flicked dangerously in all directions in search for food. Ants that were not fast enough had a sticky end to its life. Suddenly, a shadow loomed over me. It was a second anteater! With a feeling of trepidation, I ran as fast as my six legs could carry me, but a familiar pleading voice stopped me in my tracks. I turned and a horrendous sight greeted my eyes. Reketh lay sprawled on the floor, his leg clearly broken. To make matters worse, a long tongue was already homing in on him! Without a thought about my life, I ran to hoist him onto my shoulders and began to run but Reketh weigh a ton and before I could even move an inch, the sticky tongue had already moved a centimetre. It closed in on us; it was so close that I could smell its hot, moist and putrid stench. I closed my eyes and began to accept my cruel fate but that moment did not come. The two dreaded tentacles disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. Instead, only droplets of water came from the hole in the roof of the ant nest. The skies had decided to spare us from the wrath of the ruthless anteater! A cheer rose from the hearts of many and soon, the whole nest was in an uproar of celebration. We had survived the anteater!


It has been three days since the anteater attacked. As I heaved a huge crumb toward the pile of food before me, a hand patted my shoulder. I turned and faced Reketh. He seemed to have healed from his injuries in the attack, although he was still limping.

“Thank you for saving me,” He said quietly, clearly still trying to recover form the shock of the attack.

“That’s what true friends do Reketh, they sacrifice.” I replied, and passing the crumb I was holding to a passing ant, I helped Reketh back to his room.

My Reflection

I decide to write this in a perspective that anyone would least expected – an ant.  I wanted people to have a brighter aspect of ants and learn from the small creepy creature.

I would like to say that true friendship is the balance of nature.  Friendship is what prevents wars.  Friendly is what keeps most animals from became solitary.  Friendship is what keeps this world going.

While writing this prose, I found that I needed a vast knowledge on ants.  Ants are intelligent creatures that we know little about.

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