Wednesday, May 7, 2014

(Poem) - The world needs crazy people (CAP 2010 Portfolio)

The world needs crazy people

“The world needs crazy people,”
My teacher said.           
“People who skip around and pick baskets of posies.”
“People who gaily consume anything they find.”  
“People who walk on all fours.”
“People who try to hit the ground and miss.”
“People who want, but don’t want.”
“People who believe they have a non-existent origin.”
“People who come up with weird shapes and actually understand them.”
“People who laugh at the same unrecognizable shapes.”
“People who never grow up.”
“People who laugh at others getting hurt.”
“People who live on assumptions.”

The world needs crazy people, he said
But aren’t there enough already?

My reflection: The world needs crazy people

The poem’s title was based off one of my teacher’s sayings during class one day, the actual saying being: “The world needs people who can live on less than five hours of sleep a day.” I adapted it into this poem to express my view about the world being a crazy place, with many weird happenings going on.  Some of these happenings are less directly addressed in the poem, but the overall effect is to portray the human race as one that is whimsical and silly. 

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