Wednesday, May 7, 2014

(Poem) - A Wish for Freedom (CAP Mentorship 2008 Portfolio)

A Wish For Freedom

As I stared onto the azure sky,
A heavy blanket of dread
Overwhelmed me.

A sparrow darted around
The sunny breeze
Gay and free and strong.

Then a whip
Long and thick
Appears before my eyes
Slashing across my face
Without mercy.

A moment of pain,
An eternity of tears
A lifetime of everlasting torture

All I wish
And sincerely pray for
Is freedom.

 My Reflection

I wrote this poem as to express what all teens, including myself want and that is freedom.  But the main reason why I wrote this poem was to tell people that in countries like Africa and India, there is still millions of sweat shops and child labour.  These children have never had a choice of say or in anything they do.  I have read many articles and websites about this matter and am very concerned as millions of children died when they could not take any more torture.  I want people to also be aware of child labour.

I have decided to write this in the view of a child slave, as they have experienced years of labour.  I have written this also in free verse as I think that a poem has not necessary to rhyme. 

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