Wednesday, May 7, 2014

(Poem) - The values of a Gessian

The values of a Gessian

Chinese Junk, a symbol
of Determination,
of resilience,
of love.
Protecting its Precious cargo against harm and loss
It moves towards a cove
Centuries ago, our forefathers clung to a dear old dream
which had,
within their weather-beaten hearts and minds
irresistibly and uncontrollably sprung.
“A better life, a better life!”
‘tis was their bitter cry,
for themselves and for their loved ones
For honour,
For comfort,
For glory.
They’ve worked hard
Hand in hand
To build our Singapore.
To contribute to her development,
Bringing business from the shore.
Let us now carry on
This spirit of our fathers.
To always remember the unity and love
That ties our school together.

This poem was initially done for a School Yearbook (back in 2009), as it was an anniversary year. It didn't get through though, dunno why... : /  Anyway, I attempted to do a shape poem here; hope you can make out the ship and its reflection on the waters' surface! :D

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