Wednesday, May 7, 2014

(Poem) - 9/11 (CAP Mentorship 2008 Portfolio)


Destruction was never stronger,
On two majestic towers it showers.
So much liberty and power
Will soon be destroyed forever.

Trillions of businessmen
Flocked to their graves that day.
Many would have their breath taken away.

With a dash of metal and glass,
Two iron birds plunged with their lust.
Hunger of blood,
And cries for help
Dissolve slowly into the dust.

And with a great cry,
The two towers fell and died,
Their power all stolen and became lies,
Precious memories fading
In a cloud of dust.

 My Reflection: 9/11

I was in Primary three when the twin towers collapsed.  Then, the only twin towers that I knew was in Kuala Lumpur and I thought that it was destroyed.  I wrote about it as I thought that although this was an incident that lasted for hours, it traumatised the world for years.  I wrote this prose to highlight the point that terrorism is a world-wide problem, and can happen to anyone, no matter how much power and influence they have.  It can also happen in moments you least expect.

I have written this prose according to my perspective of the event and thought it would be better expressed if I used free verse.  I wanted others who had not experienced this encounter first hand to think of the suffering of the dying people in the two towers, so that they would work together as a community to stop terrorist attacks. 

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